Media Programming Terminal
Cash to card systems
Serial Relay Interface
Serial Relay Interface

TML6  $595.00

Compact USB terminal that uses MDSedit software to program any media for utilizing the complete features of the MICROTRONIC system.

Also used with MDSview software to read Statistic Keys with all  sales data.

Mterminal5 Spec Sheet
Loading Station

This Loading Station shows the optional Credit Card Loading feature, but can be used with a Bill Acceptor only.  
Both Cash and Credit Card is $2095.00, Cash only is $1795.00

Using the Credit Card feature, the programming can be set to charge a predetermined amount with each swipe that is then loaded to the MICROTRONIC Media.  With the swipe being set above $10.00, the fees are dramatically reduced.  With this option, there is no need to have a Credit Card acceptor at each machine, only necessitates one or two in a break room.

Loads are quick and balances are shown on the display as money is loaded.

Optional Base and Header. 
Card Dispenser

The Card Dispenser can be specially programmed for any dollar amount that you wish to charge for the cards.  The cards can be empty or preloaded with a set amount and graphics changed to suit each individual customer.  

It is a Front Load 1-Bin Card Dispenser that will hold up to 130 cards and has a stacker capacity of 500 bills.

Optional Base and Header.

Pre-drilled Knock out Plate

We now offer a Universal pre-drilled knock out plate for our Reader Head which is where the customer will hold their media to allow a vend.

This plate takes away the need for operators to manually drill the holes, but his can also be used as a template.

Serial Relay Interface

The Serial Relay Interface is used for most Access Control applications and can be used for Single Price Vending machines.
Loading Station Demo Video

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