Jail and Prison Cashless Vending
Microtronic has one of the best, most efficient and economical Jail and Prison Cashless Vending systems in the market today.  Our system can be used for both inmate and visitor vending.  We know that cash needs to be out of the hands of your Jail or Prison system so we list below the items you will need to get your system up and running, along with optional items and a brief list of some of our top clients.  

Consumers come in to register, they purchase a card from the Card Dispenser, load the card with Cash and/or Credit Card, then that card is the only thing they take back into visitation to use with our readers on the Vending Machines.  All readers are "offline".  It is a "Read/Write" from the Microtronic reader to the card.  Reports give you full accountability!

Microtronic Readers have been integrated with Advanced Technologies Group "Offender Funds Administration" system for full Inmate Vending.
Cashless jail system

Prepaid Cashless Card
Sample Inmate Card
Refund Kiosk
A few of our operating jails
* Los Angeles County Jail System, CA
* Marshall County Correctional, MS
* Anderson Detention Center, SC
* SCI Chester, PA
* Folsom Prison, CA
* Sterling Correctional Facility, CO
* Tennessee Business Enterprises
* Awarded the Federal Prisons in Iowa, but not installed yet. (8/25/18)

We are happy to provide references upon request.

Msmart6 Mifare Reader

Fluent in MDB and DEX transfer using IrDA, Bluetooth, USB, RS232, or a badge. Used as a standalone system.  Provides huge reporting facilities. Offers excellent vending.  $399.00 each
Mifare MBH Reader Antenna

This antenna is what is mounted on the outside of the Vending Machine, typically in the "Knock-Out" plate, but can be mounted directly on the machine.  The installation requires 4 small holes and 2 medium holes to be drilled into the plate or the machine, but we recommend our Pre-drilled Knock-out Plate.   Included in reader price
Pre-Drilled Knock-out Plate


Loading Station

This Loading Station shows the optional Credit Card Loading feature, but can be used with a Bill Acceptor only.  
Credit Card and Cash is $1995.00.  Cash only is $1695.00

Using the Credit Card feature, the programming can be set to charge a predetermined amount with each swipe that is then loaded to the MICROTRONIC Media.  With the swipe being set above $10.01, the fees are dramatically reduced.  This would typically be used for visitor vending.

Loads are quick and balances are shown on the display as money is loaded.

Optional Base and Header. 

Card Dispenser

The Card Dispenser can be specially programmed for any dollar amount that you wish to charge for the cards.  The cards can be empty or preloaded with a set amount and graphics changed to suit each individual customer.

It is a Front Load 1-Bin Card Dispenser that will hold up to 130 cards and has a stacker capacity of 500 bills with the option of a 1000 note stacker. This is typically used in visitor vending only.  

Optional Base and Header.

U-CARD mifare, the multi-purpose data carrier in credit card format, offers a wide range of applications with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Use can incorporate ID Badges with multiple identification possibilities, including Picture, Logo, Signature, Fingerprint, Bar Code, Magnetic Swipe and HID interface.
  This can be done at our office or with the purchase of a complete ID package.
U-Wristband mifare, Rewearable Wristband is a waterproof, 100% silicone wristband embedded with an RFID transponder. Available in 20 attractive colors and 3 sizes.  Wristbands can be molded or screen printed with your custom logo.
Loading/Refund Kiosk for Visitor Vending
Our newest addition to our lineup of kiosks is geared towards Visitor Vending.  When a Visitor enters a facility, the Touchscreen will instruct them on their choices; they can purchase a Vending Card, add funds using Cash and once they have used all they want to spend and wish to receive a refund, they insert the card and get a Coin refund of their balance. There are 4 coin hoppers - 2 dollar coin, 1 quarter and 1 nickel.  Custom graphics can be added.