With the all NEW MICROTRONIC Market, users can turn a Break Room into a
Self Serve Marketplace and use the same Smart Card at the Vending Machines

spread throughout the building, if necessary. Operators have the option of purchasing all necessary display and cooler supplies from us, or buy on their own.  Low, low monthly maintenance fees that will give your customers the very Best!


Kiosks for any application, including visitor management, Cashless Systems, Prison Intake
Kiosks, Discharge Kiosks, Inmate Commissary Kiosks, Guard Kiosks, Time and attendance terminals,Inmate Activity terminals, Booking/reservation kiosks and much more.
Advanced Lobby Kiosk
                                                            CASHLESS VISITOR CANTEENS

Lobby Kiosk allow visitors to load funds via credit or cash onto a smart card. The Kiosk dispenses
the Microtronic Smart card loaded with prepaid funds. The Smart card is used while inside the
visitor center for vending and canteen purchases.

The card can be cashed in at the Kiosk when leaving or reused on the next visit by adding more
funds at the Lobby Kiosk.  Or if permitted the card may be given to inmates for use on the
inmate cashless vending machines.  We also have the option of Wristbands instead of a Card.
FMT or Funds Management Terminal
Manage Money (trust accounts)
Withdraw money for • Vending
                                     • Canteen Orders
                                     • Phone Usage
Order Canteen Items
View Funds Transaction history
Cashless Vending for Canteen visitors is easy with our advanced and simple kiosk
solutions. Inmates can also enjoy cashless vending with no more tokens. Our system
allows inmates to transfer funds from their trust accounts to their vending card and buy any
time. Visitors can also buy prepaid vending cards for inmates to use at any machine.

Lobby Guard
                                  CASHLESS MANAGER SOFTWARE

Provides controls and reporting from the Vending machines, Point of sale and Kiosk terminals.
The canteen software controls inmate orders and stock information from the canteen and
vending terminals. Full transaction records of the inmate purchases is available, including
funds transfers from their trust accounts. Internet reload from family is also controlled by this
software solution.This software is very flexible and can be customized to meet any additional
needs at your facility.
Standard and Custom Solutions
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
Four price NANOtill