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Cashless Vending
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Cashless Vending System:
MICROTRONIC cashless vending system offers many benefits to vending operators.

  • Increase Sales: Customers tend to purchase 15% to 20% more products and services when using cashless vending. Consumers tend to make more impulsive purchases which also contributes to higher sales and revenue.
  • Increase Profitability: Cashless vending transactions have been shown to allow for increased price points without negatively impacting sales volume.
  • Enhance Convenience: Cashless vending is an easy method of payment for products and services as the customer only needs to hold their media device to the reader; impulse buying increases.
  • Preferred Payment Option: cashless is the preferred payment in other channels of trade; Fast food restaurants, convenience stores and retailers show that Debit card purchases have increased over cash and Credit Card purchases.
  • Loading Media can be done at the Vending Machine or at a designated Loading Station using bills and/or Credit Cards.
  • The MICROTRONIC Remote Communications Solution System allows operators to monitor sales statistics, user transactions and to change pricing in the machines from the remote location of their offices - no need to send route drivers or service personnel to the location.
  • NO MOVING PARTS so there is nothing to break down - ever!

Program Features

MICROTRONIC solutions offer such flexibility with the cashless vending applications, enabling operators to offer key programs to fit their customer needs.

Happy Hour Feature
Products can be discounted using the Happy Hour feature. For example, this feature in a factory environment can encourage the purchase of foods with a limited shelf life to be discounted from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon or Coffee machine discounts during a time period when sales typically drop off.

Limited Items Purchased
Limit the number of items purchased during selected times of the day. This feature is used with office supplies, photo copiers, and could be useful in a school environment.

Customer Loyalty Rewards
Readers can be programmed to give customer loyalty rewards. Example - free drink with purchase of 10 or 25% discount on chips with purchase of food and drink.  Operators can also get local merchants to offer discounts to card holders as an additional loyalty value.

Dual Pricing 
This exclusive feature of the
MICROTRONIC system allows the operator the option of higher cash prices while discounting the Cashless price (even in penny increments) to entice the customer to use their Cashless media and increase the amount of pre-loading.  Using Cashless vending decreases the amount of wear and tear on the Coin Acceptors and Bill Acceptors resulting in less service calls and less work in the counting room.

Automatic Loading
This is available to be used on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, or even on a select day, such as a holiday.  This can also be "Virtual Money" that can disappear if not used within a given time period, such as an employee benefit.

Access Control
This program can be used to allow or disallow entry into certain doors and cabinets at set periods of time.  It is also capable of charging entry fees for Park Lights, Tanning Beds, Theme Park Entry, as well as many additional Access Control applications.  It can be used as a standalone system or can be networked to a centralized computer terminal.

**Customized Programming is available for ALL applications and specifications for a nominal fee.  This option can be used without the necessity of purchasing any or all of the MICROTRONIC software.

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