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MDSedit Software
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MDSview Software
DEX Handheld


This software program is used to program any Mifare media for utilizing the complete features of the MICROTRONIC system.  *Mterminal5 is needed to use this software.


This software program allows the user to view all Statistical data by date.  It shows detailed information of product sales, prices charged, and sales totals for each machine.  If using with a Loading Station, it will show exactly how many bills of each denomination should be in the collection bag, thus giving complete accountability. *Mterminal5 is needed to use this software.


Brand New to the Microtronic line of software for programming the new Generation 6 Readers.  Ease of use and speed make this software the best way to implement all that Microtronic has to offer.

MDD  $495.00

Brand New - Microtronic Data Device 
  • Programming and DEX data readout via cable, IrDA, NFC
  • Upload statistics, individual transactions or support package files
  • Download parameters, price lists or firmware
  • Price list modifing directly in the reader
  • Data transfer and battery charging via USB
  • 4 GB memory
  • 10 hours battery time for continuous operation
DEX Handheld

*TML6  $595.00

USB Programming Terminal to be used with MDSedit and MDSview.

All you need is . . .

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