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To Whom It May Concern:


With today’s fast growing technology, it is clear that companies must grow to meet these demands.  This is why we would like to show appreciation to Microtronic for their impeccable service and state of the art equipment that has allowed our company to prosper in the vending industry.  Microtronic Cashless System has given our business not only convenience but also increased our sales volume and improved our inventory control. With the Cashless system, we have the capabilities of having full control of each individual key which is something that was not available to past vendors.  We are able to monitor sales data, access and print reports on individual keys as well as the ability to cancel individual keys which in turn eliminates abuse of the system by employees.  Our customers are also pleased of the control and accountability that Microtronic system has provided them which previous systems were not capable of doing so.


Apex Vending would highly recommend the Microtronic System to any vending company looking for trouble-free vending.


Thank you,

Abraham Remedios

Apex Vending, Inc.

In June of 2007 Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation asked us to provide coffee service to 1000 employees in two hangers.  Gulfstream wanted a

system that would allow their employees to get free coffee, but require the various contractors working on their site to have to pay for their

coffee.  After considering different systems we decided to use Microtronic.  Terri Starnes -Bryant was instrumental in designing a

program that would do just what Gulfstream wanted and Stan Lee taught us how to install the readers and program the cards.  After two and one

half years the system is still working perfectly and Gulfstream is now adding 400 more employees to the program.


Our experience with Microtronics has been wonderful and the support we have received from Terri Starnes-Bryant and Stan Lee has been superb. I highly recommend Microtronic to anyone that is considering a card



Charles G. Ray

Ray Coffee Service

Savannah, GA

Microtronic has been a very reliable product.  Our service calls have been greatly reduced from what we were having from our previous cashless provider.  Their people have also been very helpful and willing to help on solving issues as they develop.


Bob Holmes
General Manager
Refreshments, Inc.

I have a few customers using Microtronic, It really does seem like a "no-brainer".

Curtis Wokal
Vending Distributor of the Year 2009 at Automatic Mechandiser
Microtronic has made a huge difference in our overall experience with Vending.  Our customer wanted to offer cashless and bonus points for healthy eating.  They offered great prizes for certain point levels to their employees.  We were able to meet this need by using Microtronic.  There are virtually no maintenance calls at the account and none regarding the Microtronic system.  We will be using more in the future!

Terri knows who I am!
Since Terri became President of Microtronic US, LLC, she has worked tirelessly to assist me and my dispenser controller product, fountain BOB®. With a completely genuine attitude, her assistance has proven time and again to be reliable, creative, and working with her continues to be very productive. Working concurrently, we continue to develop new markets for both of our technologies. If anyone has the opportunity to work with this pro, don't miss your chance.

Sean Sizemore
B.L. Sizemore & Associates, Inc.

To whom it may concern,


First Class Vending started doing business with Terri Starnes-Bryant at Microtronics US in February 2012.


We purchased over 200 of their Smart Card readers, 100,000 RFID Cards, MDSedit Software and terminals for card programming.


The technical support and service they provide has exceeded our expectations.  When we have questions they answer them in a timely manner, the equipment has performed as they said it would, and to date we have not had to replace any Smart Card readers due to malfunctions.


I would highly recommend their company’s product and the support we receive from Terri.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information.




Matthew Marsh


Terri is an innovative and responsible executive who performs at the highest level. She thinks out of the box and is receptive to new ideas, which is essential in being effective in the rapidly developing micro market channel. As President of Microtronic she is keenly aware about the importance of integrating the micro market systems and channel with the traditional vending business.

Allen Weintraub
President at Vending Consultants Co

Cromer Food Services has utilized Microtronic in several locations over the past 5 years with great success.  They offer a great option to reduce card processing fees and meet the cashless needs that customers expect.

Brent Cromer

We are currently installing our second Microtronic cashless program in the Colorado Department of Corrections system. We have had such great success with Microtronic, we will continue to expand our cashless program with your great product.

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