• Eliminate manual processing of time cards
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating human error

  • Stop over payments and unauthorized overtime or skipping of classes

  • Guarantee uniform application of pay policies

  • Manage by Exception - Focus only on time sheets with errors

  • Real-time data allows pro-active management of your workforce

  • Managers and Teachers can focus on managing and teaching, not time card handling

  • Quickly and easily locate data for wage and hours claims, class time attendance or other legal inquiries


NetAttend scales from a Single PC Solution to a Server Solution. Whether you have 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 Employees or Students there is an attendance solution and MICROTRONIC Badge Solution perfect for your business or learning facility.  As your business or school grows so can attendance capabilities with MICROTRONIC and NetAttend.

The same card can be used at Vending or other Kiosk applications.


MICROTRONIC US has partnered with NetAttend to provide the back office software you need for Time /Attendance and Access Control using the Mifare and/or Biometric Reader System.  With this partnership we can offer a "Complete Office Solution" like no other. Off-line or On-line Archiving Data is moved using TCP/IP or a USB memory device.  This allows for immediate access to both current and historical data.  With the MICROTRONIC "Smart Card" and printing options available, along with NetAttend we have full end user "Secure the Workplace" products.

NetAttend also works great with Classroom Attendance Reporting using the Biometric tracking of students class time attendance in the Corrections environment, as well as Colleges and Universities.

All you need is . . .

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